2017 Mobile Marketing Tips

Wherever you look, you’re bound to see someone staring at their smartphone. Let’s face it, we’re all dependent on them, which is exactly where marketing has managed to seep into. Nowadays, there really is no better way to advertise than by using the Internet and on mobile technologies. Here are some mobile marketing tips to get you prepared for the remainder of 2017.

Your Website

The most important thing in mobile marketing is your website mobile friendly. Sure, you can access any from your smartphone, but separately designing a mobile version of a website can go a long way in terms of marketing – no one has the patience to shuffle through a website that is optimized for desktop computers only. Not only should you make your site mobile friendly, but your aim should be at making your mobile-friendly site the best it can be. Finally, performing regular maintenance and aiming at optimizing the users’ mobile experience is the name of the game when it comes to your website.

Mobile App

What comes after designing a perfect mobile version of your website? We live in an age of smartphones, that much is clear, but without apps, smartphones wouldn’t really be so ‘smart’. There’s a reason why every major company has a mobile application – from Facebook and YouTube to eBay – it’s not only functional, it’s excellent marketing! You can also include all the security features incorporated, be it end-to-end encryption software like skyecc for better user privacy protection and other corporate data securing systems. Having your very own app available out there is no longer a privilege reserved for big companies or experienced developers – there are many app building apps available out there that make the whole job a breeze.

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Regardless of how loyal your users and/or customers are, they won’t be spending days on end on your website or on your app. In fact, a couple of decades ago, it is possible that you would receive a visit or two on a monthly basis. Nowadays, even if your users are in love with what you have in store, they are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content available out there. This is why opting for a push notification service for mobile is so important. This type of messaging service is important in many respects; for example, push notifications can be used to keep the users updated about new content for them to check out: audio, video, blog posts, all of these will keep a visitor entertained. Real-time updates are also slowly becoming a thing, so you should get the most out of your live feed. On the other hand, make sure that you don’t overdo it with messages – too many push notifications will turn away even the most die-hard fans!

Introduce Mobile Payments

There’s nothing people love more than discounts, but convenient transactions come in close second. This is why big brands are gradually changing their procedures to what consumers want when it comes to shopping – being able to make mobile payments. 2017 is likely to filter out those businesses that are reluctant to make this jump, which means it’s imperative that you get add a mobile payment option to your business as soon as possible. Of course, choosing a secure payment platform goes without saying!

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The four mentioned tips have hopefully taught you about important aspects of mobile marketing. If you still aren’t using it, we recommend that you get into it as soon as possible – it’s a worthwhile investment. Keep in mind, even if you’ve worked hard on keeping up with the mobile marketing trends of 2016, you can’t afford a break – the advertising business is ruthless and you’ll need to learn how to swim quickly in order to remain afloat!