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Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Perform at Work

Sometimes, it feels that we live in a world that changes faster than our ability to adapt. Just look at how the world of mobile apps affects our daily lives. Five years ago, we were only beginning

The risks of managing your own property’s management

Many property developers routinely outsource the management of their buildings to successful property management companies. This seems to work well for both parties as the property owners are able to relax knowing their investment is in good

The Real Value of a Great Business Idea

If you’re thinking about starting a small business, you’re in luck, because as recent research has shown, the market hasn’t been this lucrative in years. According to findings from the US Small Business Administration, there are almost

The Pros and Cons of homeowner’s associations

What is a homeowner’s association? Across the globe, a large section of the population lives in what might be considered a ‘shared building or residence’. Many people choose to live in such an environment as it can