3 Tips for Creating An Effective Business Catalog

Marketing your business can take on many forms. One marketing idea that has been around for quite a while but isn’t used as often as in previous years is a business catalog. These catalogs are a fixture in businesses, getting them printed (look over here), and distributed, can help drum up more business. Especially for retail businesses, a catalog can be a great way to share with your customers or clients the expanse of your inventory and information regarding what you sell and why. However, because these are often time-consuming to create and can be expensive to print and ship-if you choose to disseminate them that way-you’re going to want to make sure you’re creating an effective marketing piece. To help with this endeavor, here are three tips for creating an effective business catalog.

Create A Strong Brand Identity

To get your catalog seen by the most eyes with an intent to purchase from you, you’re going to want to be sure you have taken the time and effort to solidify your branding regarding your catalog. ModernMarketingPartners.com shares that if your business already has a well known and respected brand, you likely won’t have to try too hard to create a strong brand for your catalog. However, if your brand identity is still forming, the best way to create a strong brand identity is to have good brand naming and graphics that go along with your catalog. If you’re able to successfully accomplish these two tasks with your first catalog, all your subsequent catalogs will be much easier to match your brand identity to.

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Invest In Good Photography

One of the biggest draws for consumers when looking through a business catalog is the photography. Images can express details and qualities that text often can’t, making it necessary to really invest in quality photography to include in your catalog. Flora Richards-Gustafson, a contributor to Chron Small Business, recommends that if you don’t already have some good photos of your products or regarding your particular business, it’s best to take some high-quality photos specifically for your catalog. The images will go a long way toward solidifying your brand as well as making your marketing materials appear more professional, which could get you a lot more sales.

Write Quality Descriptions

A benefit for consumers of having a catalog as opposed to other marketing materials is the amount of additional information a catalog generally provides. With this is mind, Katie Hunt, a contributor to CreativeList.com, suggests writing quality descriptions for each of the products listed in your catalog. These descriptions should be very thorough and describe all possible aspects of the items so as to answer any questions your consumers may have.

If you’re considering producing a catalog, use the tips mentioned above to ensure this investment isn’t wasted.