3 Tips For Improving Sales Through Your Online Business Website

When you run your own business, you might be ecstatic at the prospect of getting your website up and running. With a business website, customers will be able to find you online and make purchases right there and then. However, this ideal situation doesn’t always happen that way you might imagine it in your mind.

For many small businesses with newly launched websites, it can be hard to get any real traffic coming your way. In addition to this, many customers might not trust you enough to make a purchase if you don’t have a proven track record. With these two things and many more, you might find it very hard to get sales through your website.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help improve your situation. To show you just what can be done, here are three tips for improving sales through your online business website.

Include Social Proof

In recent years, there’s been a lot of data gathered and analysis done about what causes a consumer to trust a website that they’ve never visited before. One of the most important aspects that lends trust to a website is social proof.

To showcase the social proof that you have garnered over the life of your small business, Dan Shewan, a contributor to WordStream.com, recommends that you include things like testimonials and positive customer feedback on your website. Once your visitors see this, they’ll be able to realize that you are a legitimate business with legitimate customers or clients, which could get them much more interested in making you a sale.

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Be Easy To Contact

Ideally, your website should be very easy to navigate and should make what you do or what you sell very clearly explained to your visitors. But even with all of these things, your visitors still might have some questions before they feel comfortable making a purchase with you.

To keep these questions from limiting your sales, CrazyEgg.com recommends that you use some tool that will allow your visitors to easily contact you in real time. For most businesses and websites, this means using a live chat tool. By employing this, you’ll be able to answer questions quickly and encourage more sales to be completed through your website. If that’s not an option, some businesses might have to use emails for communicating with customers. Being able to email your customers is always beneficial as businesses can send them a sales email every now and then. This can, potentially, lead to more sales for the business.

Give Multiple Options For Making Purchases

Coming straight to your website might not be the first place a prospective customer sees you online. For many people, it’s much more likely that they’ll first hear about your business through social media.

To take the most advantage of this, Aaron Orendorff, a contributor to Social Media Examiner, suggests that you make it possible for people to buy from you directly on social media. While your website can be great for giving customers more information about your products or services, making it possible to buy through social channels could help facilitate more overall sales through your website as well.

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If you’re wanting to get more sales through your website, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.