3 Ways to Use Your Workspace To Increase Your Productivity

When you’re spending eight or more hours at work each day, it can be a real challenge to make all that time as productive as it should be. Between chatting with co-workers, getting in and out of various projects, and doing the little things that keep you sane, making sure the majority of your day is spent doing productive work tasks takes a lot of determination. However, the space in which you work could be one of the things that’s keeping you from being as productive as you could be. So to help you reach your maximum level of productivity at work each day, here are three ways you can improve your workspace to increase your daily productivity.

Keep It Clean

If you’ve noticed, or it’s been mentioned to you, that you work in organized chaos, you may want to take some time to clean that chaos every so often. According to Tamir Davies, a contributor to BusinessZone.co.uk, a study done at Brigham Young University found that people who work in dirty and dingy spaces noticed a severe drop in not only their productivity, but their concentration and learning as well. This is because when your senses are being distracted by unsightly stains or odd smells, your brain has a tougher time focusing on the task at hand. Break out the cleaners and put away items you don’t need to see a boost in productivity.

Create Your Own Privacy

Although a lot of businesses are going for a more open concept when it comes to their office layouts, Shannon Gausepohl, a contributor to Business News Daily, shares that this might not actually be the best setup for increasing productivity. Just like an unclean space can distract, too many people around can distract as well. To combat this, try to find a way to create your own privacy during times when you really need to be focused on your work. If that means using an empty conference room or hunkering down in a closet for a few hours to get some solid work in without your entire office staff around, that may be something you’ll have to do.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

One of the biggest killers of productivity is complacency. Generally, complacency happens when you get too comfortable in your environment. For this reason, Jacob Morgan, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends treating your physical work environment like you do software. When a bug needs to be worked out or an update is available, you take advantage of it to make the software as functional as possible. Using this same mindset with your office, don’t be afraid of making some changes that may seem unconventional at first but just may prove to spark something new in you that skyrockets your productivity and creativity.  

If you’ve found that your productivity has started taking a nosedive at work, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above to get a new skip in your step.