5 Components Of A Stellar Blog Post

Designing a website can be difficult enough all on its own.  Now you have to keep up with the trends, and post up to date, relevant blog posts that will not bore people out of their minds.  It can be a challenge trying to figure out what keeps people interested in reading your blog, but there are a few reliable components of a post that will boost viewer engagement.

Your skills as a blogger may be paramount to your success as an online organization.  Take a moment, now, to read over a few helpful hints, including five essential components of a stellar blog post.

Hit them with an inquisitory headline

The headline should be industry specific, of course, but there should be more than just words in the title of a great blog post.  There should be mystery and intrigue.  There should be relevance and interest in every posted headline.

List titles also tend to catch a viewer’s eye (like this blog example), because they have the appeal of being quick and to the point.  The internet is built around convenience and speed, so lists of 100 or more do not do quite as well as lists of 10 or less.

The opening paragraph should be built for reading pleasure

The first paragraph is where you need to generate further interest in your words.  Make it good!  Show readers your intelligence and competence quickly, before they move on to the next page.

Researchers found that almost 80 percent of viewers will read the headline and the intro paragraph, and only 20 percent of users go all the way.  Your job when writing a blog is to keep the reader going to the finish line.  Engage, engage, engage.

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Know and address your specific audience

Know to whom you are writing.  What kind of person is most drawn to your specific area of intelligence or information?  Once you nail down your target audience, choosing topics and interests will not be such a mysterious practice.

Optimize your content with the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization techniques should be used in every piece of content your website produces.  SEO practices build visibility and broaden the blog’s digital reach.  You want more people to be able to see your blog post, so they have the opportunity to read your genius intellect.

Implement a call to action along the way

You are writing your blog for a reason.  Get people involved in what they are learning or reading.  In addition to the implementation of visual aesthetics like images and videos, know when to add an inspiring call to action.  Adding elements such as quizzes or polling tools gets readers excited to see results.