5 Qualities of a Great Manager

When it comes to running a business, it’s crucial to have a strong manager behind it.  If you think of a company as a ship, the manager is the captain to help guide it through rough waters.  Without a leader to help organize the operation and be the force which the team looks to for guidance, the ship will eventually sink.

It takes a lot more than just leadership to be a good manager, however.  Here are some of the most valuable qualities in a manager that set apart the good managers from the great ones.


It’s vital that whatever role the manager has been given, they fulfill unwaveringly.  If they have a set of tasks to do, it’s crucial that they fulfill their responsibilities without forgetting or failing to do so.

Protecting security, ensuring customer service standards, and making sure the staff is looked after are just a few of the crucial tasks that a manager must be sure to do on a day to day basis.  Falling behind on even one of these areas could be detrimental to the success of the business.


Unfortunately, you can’t just hire anybody to do the role of a manager.  Since the manager is the person who customers go to often when things get out of hand, it’s essential that they have expertise in the business.

It speaks volumes about the integrity of a business if their management team doesn’t know the system like the back of their hand.  If there are any grey areas at the top of the team, then it doesn’t look good for your business overall. A manager’s job is to have superior knowledge of all things surrounding the business’s operation.

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Ability To Delegate

It’s impossible for one person to do the job of an entire team without things falling through the cracks.  A good manager knows how to assign tasks to the right team members in order to ensure that the job gets done smoothly and on time with no errors.

Delegating tasks is a crucial part of management skills since it’s up to them to know their staff’s strengths and weaknesses.

Good Customer Service Skills

Since the manager is in direct communication with customers particularly if things get escalated, it’s essential that they have the best possible customer service skills.

It’s a manager’s role to serve as the example, so professional yet relatable interpersonal skills are a must.


A manager must be more than just the rule enforcer.  Their team has to be able to trust them if they have a concern or suggestion that they want to bring up.  Therefore, compassion is crucial when managing people. Otherwise, there is a divide.