Best Alternatives to Most Popular Business Software

Did you know that only about 50% of companies last longer than 5 years? There are numerous reasons behind so many businesses putting a permanent lock on their doors, cash flow being one of the most common ones. As a result, startups browse for the best software solution which would, at the same time, be the most economical one. While the most reputable software solutions earned their popularity due to their high quality, startups are likely to be looking for the most effective options. For the following article, we have selected the ones that are bound to be worth your time and money. Whichever software you choose for your company, you will need to bear in mind that you must keep an eye on it to make sure it is functioning correctly, this can be helped by implementing automated services such as Kubernetes to help manage and fix any issues that may arise within the technology. Going onto websites such as will help you see how this can be administered.

Campaign Monitor instead of the MailChimp

Campaign Monitor is a lesser-known marketing solution which promises more effective email marketing campaigns. What users praise the most about this tool is its extremely simple, drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create campaigns rich in visual elements. For this reason, fashion and travel industries take advantage of Campaign Monitor for their email marketing success and boast amazing results. In addition, it offers interactive analytics so that you can track your target audience engagement and determine the success of your overall campaign.

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Hatchbuck instead of HubSpot

If you are running a small business or startup, then Hatchbuck is the tool for you, since it costs only $59 a month. Taking into consideration the average price of other marketing automation tools on the market, this is a deal that is not to be so easily overlooked. The process of marketing automation enables you to completely automate your marketing and sales, every single aspect – from lead nurturing to sales tools and website traffic. Another thing that makes it ideal for startup companies is that it is extremely easy to master and use, and if you do not have previous experience with tools of this kind, personal Hatchbuck consultant will provide additional training.

Active Collab instead of Basecamp

When discussing the topic of project management tools comparison, Active Collab has to be mentioned as one of the best alternatives for Basecamp out there. The basic package starts at only $25 per month and it includes 5GB of storage space, five users and unlimited number of projects. You can also purchase a self-hosted version for $499 that you can install on your own server and customize it to suit your needs. Active Collab’s advanced to-do list helps you and your team stay enables efficient communication. What sets it apart from all other project management tools is the fact that you can track every minute of your work and bill clients accordingly.

Sage 50 instead of QuickBooks

If QuickBooks’ price tag is a bit overwhelming, note that Sage 50 comes at a price of $300 per user. The best thing about it is that these two accounting software options are quite similar, so the transfer will come easy to you. Sage One is also slowly gaining in popularity on the market, especially among small businesses and startup companies. It is completely free for one user and five invoices a month; once the number of users starts growing, you will need only $10 a month to get an unlimited number of users and invoices.

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AgoraPulse instead of HootSuite

AgoraPulse enables its users to manage all of their social media accounts, messages and posts from one place via social media inbox, which is quite similar to email inbox. It retains old conversation and synchronizes all your accounts in real time so that you get updates from your social media profiles in a timely manner. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor the progress of your followers through PowerPoint reports.

Any one of these seem interesting for you to try out? Or, if you have an alternative version of your own you want to share with your fellow marketers, we encourage you to do so in the comment section.