Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Perform at Work

Sometimes, it feels that we live in a world that changes faster than our ability to adapt. Just look at how the world of mobile apps affects our daily lives. Five years ago, we were only beginning to use apps on our smartphones, and these were slower, contained fewer graphics and special features, and did not occupy such a focal point in our daily routines. The future is already here in the sense that we’re using artificial intelligence (AI) for more tasks and activities than we ever did before. These newer technologies include bots that teach us, suggest decisions and actions we should take at work, and correct our behaviour. Artificial intelligence is arguably already widespread in the form of facial recognition technology that may use something similar to a face recognition dataset, to help with keeping track of faces. As bots become more enmeshed in our lives, they could also enhance our professional success. We like this recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog because it describes how executives might behave in the near future based on advances in AI:

The Background

We’ve all had a difficult boss. Imagine the executive with a “brusque and alienating communication style.” Michael Schrage writes how soon selvesware, which are bots that improve our performance, could correct this executive’s difficult style. A tool like IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer could smooth out his rough edges: “The tool might suggest that the executive start an email with ‘Hi Michael’ rather than the brusquer ‘Michael:’ or that they soften their ‘Tell them to do it by 5 PM’ to ‘Could your team get this back to me by 5 PM?’ The executive still gets to choose what’s sent and shared – but now they can literally see analytics describing how their more empathic ‘self’ could better communicate and connect with colleagues.”

Figure Out How to Develop Now for Results Later

If you’ve ever worked with a difficult boss, you can appreciate (and might even hire someone to develop) software that does exactly that: fixing the executive’s communication. Imagine how you could deal with an executive daily if his style no longer rubbed you the wrong way. All it would take was a bot to coach him and he would have to cooperate. Furthermore, the business world could promote many more individuals lacking soft skills to leadership positions because this kind of AI would make them more appealing to colleagues and subordinates.

The Potential for Customer Service

We were just thinking that clients could hire us to develop other AI applications that would provide consumers with better shopping experiences. For example, you could interact with a bot like TacoBot (which Taco Bell already launched) to order chalupas and gorditas or make more customized purchases in an online store. More than human representatives, bots can make decisions and adjust their communication styles to meet consumers’ needs. What’s more, bots can do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without getting tired or calling in sick. Bots don’t need a salary, benefits, or rewards. Moreover, apps that make use of the latest advances in machine learning, AI, and cloud computing could be more intuitive and operate faster. Yet, these advances must be carefully overseen by industry-leading enterprise application suppliers like Darwoft or the ones like them.

The Future is Artificial Intelligence; Get It for Your Company

We encourage companies with coffee vans for sale that have not recently invested in app development to consider what the next generation bots should look like. Should your organization invest in an app that could be obsolete in a year or take longer to develop a bot that would change the industry? Many savvy consumers now recognize that their preferences drive the market. They know they can go to another company if your service model or products fail to meet their needs. If your business will stay relevant in the future, it must put IT development projects at the highest priority level. Once your senior leadership commits to these projects, they must devote enough resources to them so they will hit the market at the best time.

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