The Benefits of Using Road Transport for Pallet Shipping to Europe

International trade brings all sorts of opportunities for your business. A larger slice of the market, a wider array of customers and potential customers and a chance to really put your business on the map. It can also bring with it many challenges, including the conundrum of getting the goods from A to B. Not just getting them there, but getting them there in the most cost-effective way possible – and all while meeting the needs of our VICs (very important customers). You may want to use such services as freight transportation which you can read more on below. With your investigation into this, you will be able to find companies such as that could be of benefit and provide you with the transportation that you need wherever you are based.

Using road freight as a means of pallet shipping to Europe has its advantages – it’s a relatively low-cost method, compared to some of the other methods of freight available. If the goods can travel on a direct route they do not have to be transferred between vehicles, reducing handling can prevent issues with damage to goods and handling costs. Companies that are interested in shipping freight to spain and elsewhere in Europe will want to take a close look at some of the services on offer which can do this.

Road transport could also be seen as a convenient method, you are effectively getting a door-to-door service. The pallet is loaded on by your despatch team and sits securely in the vehicle until being off-loaded by your customer at their depot / place of business. This means that pallet deliveries can be scheduled in line with requirements. On arrival customers can direct their teams to off-load pallets at their convenience and take the goods wherever they are required. The motorway network within Europe is comprehensive, providing choice regarding route planning – enabling efficient travel. There are borders to navigate but these are not usually too much of a hindrance.

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A further benefit is having some-one responsible for your goods. The driver is in control of his or her load and will do everything within their job description to make sure the goods arrive on time and in good condition. Loads transported in this way benefit from being private and not having lots of people involved in handling mid-transport. Having a point of contact helps to ease the flow of communication too, the driver or freight company can inform you of the location of the goods, any issues with the load and expected time of delivery to the customer.

Road freight also has the added benefit of being responsive to changes. Pallet shipping to Europe and other destinations can be fraught with issues and while some freight methods are set in stone, road transport has the ability to be more flexible. Perhaps the customer wants the goods to be delivered to their other site? There is an opportunity to help them out by re-directing road transport mid-transit. There will be some unavoidable issues – such as traffic problems, but there is the opportunity to overcome this with changes to the route.