The Business of Business: Where the Money Flows

If you own any kind of a small business, then you know that it’s not good enough just to be good at your industry niche. You also have to be good at the business of business. You have to understand all of the basics of income and expense, accounting, and all of the other variables that go into managing a true enterprise.

Some of the topics that you have to understand include salaries and compensation, promotions, the overhead associated with your physical building, how to pay for website infrastructure, and how much money you should be spending on research and development. Regardless of what your business does, all those aspects need to be taken care of.

Salaries and Compensation

At the core of any business, you want to make money. For yourself, that means that you have to have more income then there are expenses, but it also means that you have to pay people their salaries and deal with workers compensation if there’s any sort of event that requires you, as an employer, to deal with that. Business laws and regulations are going to be your framework for making all sorts of decisions in that realm.


It doesn’t matter how great of a business you have people don’t know about it, and that is where promotions come into play. You can either figure out how to do business promotions on your own, through social media for example, or you may hire a third-party to do your promotions for you. Depending on what types of goods or services you’re selling, you can get really creative in the promotions department to stand out from the rest of the pack in your industry.

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Building Overhead

Two primary options when it comes to running a business today include either owning a brick-and-mortar building, or establishing your presence mostly online. If you do have an actual physical location, then you have to understand how to pay for building overhead. This includes things like rent, maintenance, and utility bills. Oftentimes, if you reevaluate your office space needs, you can save a ton of money.

Website Infrastructure

Almost every business today has some sort of website infrastructure in place. Unless you’re a web designer yourself, this means that you’re probably going to have to hire someone to put this website together for you, and then you have to have some sort of IT department (if you don’t wish to have an in-office department, you could visit website of a company who could provide IT services for you) that can work on making sure that everything stays in place over time as far as data transfer and digital privacy and security go.

Research and Development

Another segment of the business of business is going to be how much time and energy you put into research and development. Some people find that their businesses are going to be fine once they’ve gotten one solid product to maintain, whereas other people are more concerned with always expanding into new areas so that they can maintain market share