Business Website Design Tips For Beginners

If you really want to get into web design, you’ll first have to get a grasp on the basics. Website design isn’t rocket science, but it will take a bit of an investment in time to learn.

There is a wide array of aspects that affect the effectiveness of web design, and you won’t learn them all from reading a single blog post.

To become fluent and efficient in web design, you have to start somewhere. After all, businesses want to utilise the best web design melbourne offers, not something that looks drab and doesn’t function well. Try reading through this brief overview of some of the most basic business website design tips, and start building your foundation.

Make navigating your website easy to follow

Navigation is one of the most elemental aspects of web design. When you’re building your first business website, make sure the navigation options flow. Moving around your business website should feel natural.

Traditionally, business websites go with a stationary navigation bar (like this example website displays), but you are free to be creative. The main concern is that your website is easy to use. Don’t get so creative that it’s confusing.

Optimize for loading speed

The speed at which your business website’s content loads will affect your ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). If your page isn’t fully optimized for speed, you could hurt your chances at being seen.

If you have a bunch of content within the design of your business website, incorporate the use of a caching plugin. Optimize your images for loading quickly as well, and watch the effect in the numbers.

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Use your business blog as a tool

Within the confines of your business website should be a page link for your business blog. Blogging is an invaluable way to reach viewers. The more visible you can make your business website among the right crowd, the more effective your web presence will become.

Use your business blog to link your content to social media. Add social media sharing buttons to the bottom of every blog post (like this business blog displays), so viewers have the opportunity to share their interests with friends. A social media share is essentially free marketing.

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile access to your business website will be a common occurrence, as the mobile web is more popular than access from a PC or laptop. If your page isn’t set up to look and act right on a mobile device, then you’re behind. To try and improve mobile access to your website, it might be worth contacting a website development agency like Expedition Co. to help you. They could make the website more accessible and attractive.

Optimize every piece of digital content you create to display well on the screen of a mobile device. Try incorporating media queries, and set your site up to automatically adjust to the size of the screen currently viewing your content.