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A Brief Introduction to Auto Insurance

Insurance is a way of protection against potential financial loss. It’s a useful form of risk management, mostly utilized to mitigate the risk of an uncertain or contingent loss. For example, when you are renting an apartment,

5 Insurance Policies You Need To Protect Your Business

In business, insurance is evermore important. You could risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve, or you could invest in the proper insurance policies to protect your investment. It’s a simple choice, really. If you’re

Insurance Reforms

In the summer, auto insurance reforms were introduced in Ontario as a method of reducing premiums in the province which is the largest insurance market in the whole of Canada. Meanwhile, personal injury attorneys argue that brokers

Motorists get raw deal from ‘secretive’ insurers

The Oireachtas finance committee has accused insurance companies of targeting consumers with unjustified premium increases.

Insurers ‘refuse’ to hand over claims data

Irish insurance companies failed to provide a government group tasked with examining the spiralling cost of motor premiums with all the information it requested in order to finalise its report, a junior finance minister has claimed.