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What is a Mortgage Loan?

A mortgage is basically a loan where real property is utilized as security for the loan. When applying for a mortgage, you must first have your mortgage information ready to go. This information consists of your name,

Managing Your Mortgage: Tips For Managing The Cost Of Home Ownership

When looking to purchase a home, be it an older house or a newly built property from someone like Saussy Burbank, most people will require a mortgage to help them secure the property. A mortgage is a

The Pros and Cons of homeowner’s associations

What is a homeowner’s association? Across the globe, a large section of the population lives in what might be considered a ‘shared building or residence’. Many people choose to live in such an environment as it can

KBC’s long-term mortgage pledge comes with a caveat

ADVISING house buyers to pick the mortgage with the best long-term value is about as useful as suggesting they choose a property with friendly neighbours.

IMF backs Central Bank’s mortgage rules

The International Monetary Fund has endorsed the Central Bank’s mortgage rules and applauded its progress in repairing the Irish financial system.