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Writers Unite: 5 Ways To Get Your Writing Noticed Online

The way in which the internet has affected business operations over the past twenty years has made digital knowledge a requirement for modern writers.  Success as a writer is no longer a simple matter of talent.  Success

3 Ways to Use Your Workspace To Increase Your Productivity

When you’re spending eight or more hours at work each day, it can be a real challenge to make all that time as productive as it should be. Between chatting with co-workers, getting in and out of

UK Online Marketing: Is Your Business Responsive to How It’s Changing?

Keyword strategies remain critical to search engine optimisation, which in turn remains essential to just about any successful commercial website. But to what extent is growing our obsession with visual content – photography, video, animation, infographics –

Go to the work up the garden path

If you can’t stretch to an extension, a garden studio makes a versatile extra room.

Home is where the work is

Flexibility in the workplace can create happier staff who get more done.