When I started this website I had literally no experience of writing content for online audiences. Sure, I knew that the information I had to share was valuable. I had proven that in my career. However, I didn’t know if I had the skills to put all of that information into a format that would be suitable for online audiences.

Thankfully, I soon found my groove and Become Consultant has grown as it has because of the quality of the information that is shared here. Now I want to help you develop as a writer too, which is why I’m offering you the opportunity to contribute to my blog. All you need to do is message me below.

Not sure why you would want to do that? You get all of this and much more and you write and publish your post here.


    Gain Exposure

    When I first started writing, I offered my services to as many websites as I could. I ended up writing guest posts for dozens of blogs and massively developed the skills I would need to turn my own site into a success. More importantly, I also gained exposure because my writing was being put in front of an audience that had yet to discover Become Consultant.

    If you submit a guest post to my blog you get to develop a reputation amongst an audience that will flock to your site if you have something useful to say. This site attracts 14,000 unique visitors every single month, plus there are many more who come to the site every day to get their fix of the latest news, tips, and advice that Become Consultant has to offer. That is an audience that could be coming to your site as well.

    Share Yourself

    By sharing myself and my experiences with others, I have been able to help thousands of people. Despite the fact that I have been writing for years, I still can’t quite put into words just how rewarding that feels.

    If you write for my website, you get to share more about yourself with an audience that wants to hear your story. With a little bit of luck, your advice will help somebody else make positive changes in life. Helping others is amazing and Become Consultant offers you the opportunity to do just that.

    I Want To Hear From You

    The Become Consultant audience will definitely find great value in what you have to share, but I don’t want you to underestimate just how valuable your contributions are to me. Along the way, I have received so much help from amazing people who have helped me to become better at what I do and I think that your article can help me too.

    My desire to hear from you feeds the passion I have for making your article the best it can possibly be. If you submit a guest post to my blog, I will work with you every step of the way to ensure your story is presented in a way that inspires others as much as it inspires me.

    Bring Something New

    Become Consultant thrives on fresh ideas from people who have been there and seen it. I know that I haven’t experienced everything that life has to offer. Nobody has. That means if I tried to do this alone I wouldn’t be able to offer as comprehensive a service to the site’s visitors.

    Your post can bring something completely new to the table, which not only builds the community surrounding the site but also allows you to be a clear and recognizable voice projecting into an established audience of thousands of people.

    What Should You Write

    So now you know why you’re probably asking what you should write. Become Consultant covers a wide range of topics, so anything that fits within the following niches is likely to be accepted:

    • Financial Stuff
    • Credits and Credit Cards
    • Insurance
    • Investment Ideas
    • Mortgage
    • Stock Trading
    • Living on a Budget
    • Coupons
    • Money Saving Ideas
    • Sales
    • Money Making
    • Make Money Online
    • Running a Business
    • Work from Home
    • Reviews

    I want to help you, so here’s a little taster of the articles our audience has responded well to recently:

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