Design Commandments Of A Successful Business Website

No business without a functioning website will ever be taken seriously in the 21st century. Technology is far too important to the everyday workings of humanity.

The internet is a marketing and communication giant that no successful business should ever ignore. A well-designed business website is a powerful tool that allows small business entrepreneurs to be in healthy competition with big-name competitors suddenly. Therefore, those businesses that don’t have a well-maintained website, might want to contact companies similar to Connective, to help them develop their website.

The creation of the internet leveled the proverbial playing field in a rapidly expanding, competitive market, but there are a key set of tricks to the trade when it comes to web design that should always be observed. Take a moment to read over what we have deemed the greatest design commandments of a successful business website.

Thou Shalt Harness The Power Of SEO

It pays to study, especially for entrepreneurs seeking online success. Research and learn the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization, and never underestimate the power of a thorough analysis.

The design and content of a website’s design are of the utmost importance, but the site will have no chance for success if people cannot find it. SEO is the art of making the company’s website visible.

Learning what search engines use as criteria when posting search results will assure that people see the company’s website before any other listing. When web users utilize Google or Bing to search the internet for information that is specific to the business’s function or service, proper SEO practices will lead viewers in the right direction.

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Thou Shalt Write Enriching Blog Posts

The content of a website is what search engines sift through when deciding whether or not the site suits the criterion of a user’s search. Content must be informative and relevant to the niche of the business. The objective is to draw in people who are actually interested in what they will find, rather than just luring in an unsuspecting web surfer.

A blog allows a business site to put more information out into the virtual world of the internet and creates more opportunities for the site to be relevant to a user’s search. Here is a great example of an effective blog. Write blog posts that matter and enrich the life of the reader in some way.

Thou Shalt Be Visually Pleasing

We all know that this is a visually driven world, and what looks the most appealing will draw our eyes much quicker than something heinous. It only takes an average of 3-5 seconds for web users to lose interest, so it is vital to draw a person’s eye quickly upon landing.

White space is a fundamental tool for web designers because it creates a feeling of order. Just remember that too much white space will leave the design looking unfinished and dull. Choose images and other media for the website wisely.