How to Get Money Motivated

Saving money is one of the main responsibilities that you have as a grown up, and it’s definitely not something one can get adjusted to quickly and easily. In fact, certain habits have to be formed in order to approach money saving properly, and motivation plays an essential role here. With this in mind, here are a couple of tips that will help you get money motivated.

Love your bank

Now, I know that this sounds impossible, but, contrary to the popular belief, you can find a bank that you’ll be able to feel proud to be a member of. Naturally, every bank is different and many add extra charges to certain services, but with proper research, you’ll be able to find one that doesn’t charge extra on services that you need the most. For instance, look out for banks that don’t charge ATM fees and those that offer extra interest on your savings. Once you know that you’ve got your bank behind your back to help you deal with your finances, your money motivation will be heftily boosted.

Get used to eating homemade

Sure, buying lunch at work may be delicious, but there are many alternatives that are actually both tasty and good for you. Of course, these alternatives are quite pricey, and even junk food doesn’t give you enough bang for the buck. Bringing your meals from home, wherever you might be going, is always a better financial choice than buying on the spot. In fact, buying food at work can cost you an additional $100 a month that you can save by preparing your meals at home and bringing them with you.

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Commute whenever you can

If you live in a city, you are well-aware of the state of the streets and roads. You don’t have to live in New York or LA anymore to be absolutely frustrated by the rush hour. The traffic jams are an everyday occurrence in cities all across the globe, which is exactly why you need to start commuting, if you’re too lazy to ride a bike wherever you go. Not really concerned for the environment and don’t mind the traffic jams? Well, think about the money that you’ll save up by commuting. Set up a carpool where everybody kicks in for the weekly/monthly fuel budget and everyone will save up!

Come up with specific financial goals

You need to start using numbers and dates in addition to words in order to describe what exactly you want to accomplish, money-wise. Sure, writing down the way you aim to settle your debts is crucial, but so is keeping track of how much debt you want to pay off and by when is just as important!

Come up with small money goals

As a rule of thumb, the farther away a goal seems, the less likely we are to focus on achieving it, owing to the fact that we aren’t exactly sure when it will come true. This impacts motivation heavily and can easily cause you to give up. Aim to set smaller, short-term goals along big goals (buying a new car, a new condo, etc.) as this will help you achieve better and quicker results. Here’s an example: save some money each week and use these savings to take a trip in a couple of months. Try making good habits when you’re shopping, for both regular shops and individual one-off purchases. When you’re doing a food shop, opt for a discount branch rather than a more expensive supermarket, when you have to replace an essential product, use a price comparison site like Only Reviews to get the cheapest version.

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Earn money on the side

Your main job may be your primary source of income, but there is no reason to limit yourself, especially if you possess a particular skill and passion for it. Whether it’s teaching, knitting or writing, you can cash in on your part-time skill. Browse around the web and learn how to make money online quickly and easily.

Get your body in shape

Oh yeah, it might sound weird and unrelated, but more exercise actually leads to higher pay! This is the pillar of motivation, as breaking a sweat leads to increased productivity! Don’t believe me? Well, think about it, the exercise-related discipline and habits are actually mirrored in money management!

Getting money motivated is not only a pillar of boosting your finances, but also an essential part in building your own success. Find a perfect bank, prepare your meals at home, commute whenever you can, set specific financial goals (big and small), don’t be afraid of branching out and earning some cash on the side and make sure that you’re in shape; yeah, physically!