How Can I Outperform My Competitors Online?

If you’re like many ambitious business owners, you gauge success in terms of how you’re performing in the context of your competitors. This means that you are constantly reading up on resourceful blogs and thinking about implementing unique strategies and employing new technological solutions to ensure that you are on the top of your game.

For instance, if you own a business that deals with other businesses (B2B), then you might be looking for resourceful blogs that talk about “What payment methods should B2B companies accept?” (perhaps you are searching “B2B payments” on the Internet to find such blogs). Maybe you have already found out the answer to the above-mentioned question. Perhaps you have already found how to automate your B2B payments. If you are an ambitious business owner, there is a possibility you are doing everything to outperform your competitors.

The truth is, in the mind of the business owner, the ideal outcome of the company optimization process is consistently outperforming all competitors so that the brand emerges as the industry leader.

Luckily, taking your business-building efforts into the online world is one way that you can work towards this position within your market. Of course, traditional advertising methods are also gaining technical insights for better marketing. For example, is a software company that helps advertisers with TV viewership data and other customer identity resolution for better campaigning. TV advertising optimization techniques are for another day. Below you’ll find just three of many strategies you can implement to start outperforming your competitors online:

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1. Study Them.

One great way to outperform your competitors online is to study what they do and determine which of their strategies have proven effective thus far. Taking this step will empower you to implement techniques that will likely work for you without requiring you to develop the ideas from the ground up. Studying your competitors can also help you determine which strategies have not proven effective, thereby helping you avoid the implementation of systems that will likely not yield a substantive return on investment (ROI).

2. Optimize Your Content.

Content marketing remains one of the most important online advertising techniques for a business owner to utilize. This is the case for several reasons, one of which is that a great piece of content can cause your brand to go viral. If this happens, millions of people could be exposed to your product or service line within a matter of minutes. Once this happens, you can attain a level of visibility and online authority that exceeds that of your competitors.

Another reason that content is an important element of the ecommerce process pertains to brand awareness. Brand awareness is the process of a prospect learning about and then becoming more familiar with your service or product line. Content is one of the internet-based mediums through which this process can transpire. When a prospect accesses your content to learn more about your brand, you want to make sure that it has the innovative, excellent edge to make her or him choose you over a competitor.

Once you recognize the importance of writing great content, it’s time to think about which strategies you can implement to make your work exceptional. One is simply hiring a team of skilled, experienced content writers to do the work for you. Another is remembering to include aesthetically appealing and/or information-rich visuals in your text-based content. Infographics will help you accomplish both objectives as they display data in charts and graphs against colorful, visually innovative layouts.

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3. Work On Your Website.

One final technique that you can deploy to outperform your competitors online is working on your website. Note that the internet world is populated by millions and millions of websites. To increase the likelihood that members of your target market will stumble across yours first and then return to it again, you need to implement proven web design and development strategies. One of them is the SEO strategy of keyword analysis. By learning which key terms your target audience enters into the search engine when they start looking for the types of services or goods you offer, you can systematically sprinkle your content with these words and thereby increase your ranking in the SERPs. Another site optimization service that could be of benefit to your organization would be ecommerce call center services provided by companies such as Solid Cactus.


When you’re ready to outperform your competitors online, you need to have a plan in place. Three strategies that you could incorporate into your ecommerce plan are outlined above. Start using them so you can begin seeing results!