Tips for buying and selling a home at the same time

Suddenly you need to move to a new home, while at the same time you need to sell your current home. How can you get your house ready to sell as soon as possible while buying a new house? We’ve got the tips to help you get through this process quickly.

Work with an expert

This might seem obvious, but working with an agent who has experience selling and buying homes can be the way to go. If you are buying and selling in the same area you can even consider having one agent for both projects, to save yourself time.

Consider your strategy

Is it better to buy first, or sell first? Only an honest assessment of your target market and your finances – with the help of a real estate agent – can tell you the best strategy. At the same time, you can’t control when that dream home might become available, so staying aware of multiple scenarios can best set you up for success. And knowing the must-haves for your dream home, including how much home you can afford, will help you be that much more prepared to land it when it does come up.

Further, if you intend to relocate to a new town or city, you might want to consider the cost of living as well as other factors such as how far the schools are from the location, what employment opportunities might be available, and so on. You can always have a look at blogs like or others similar to this to get a sense of the area ahead of time and whether you can afford to live there based on your projected income.

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Think about cash offers

You’ve probably seen ” we buy houses for cash” sites and are wondering if they really work for people. A cash sale can be the way to go – especially if you want to sell your house quickly. But there are some factors to keep in mind, such as you might get less for your home with a cash offer, meaning you will have less to spend on a new home. If you are curious about how much you might get for your home for cash, you can check out HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform in tandem with sharing your interest with a real estate agent.


When it comes to the home that you are selling, the sooner you get it ready to sell, the sooner you’ll get that buyer to seal the deal. No one wants to buy a home filled with clutter, and that’s why decluttering is essential. The property might seem spotless with front loans, clear gutters (get help from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Waterbury or elsewhere to clean the gutters), and no visible trash. A clean house would be much easier to sell than one that requires extensive renovations and cleaning. Another plus is that if you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t want, packing up what you do will be that much easier. Try using things like skip bins sydney to make the decluttering process so much easier by throwing away any unused items and carting them off in one go.

Get your home ready for the stage

Getting a home ready to sell is also about staging – that is, creating a home that is clean, and tastefully decorated with a neutral color palette. You can hire a stager, or follow some DIY tips like adding plants, removing any art or furnishings that might be too bold, and adding accents with pillows or lamps that have a contemporary aesthetic.

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If you need to sell and buy a home at the same time, it’s certainly possible with a plan and knowing your goals. The strategy you pick will depend on your home’s condition, your neighborhood, and just how fast you need to sell. A real estate agent can guide you to the best possible outcome.