Tips For Making Your Business Inviting and Comfortable For Clients

Have you ever been to that business where when you walked in and everything just seemed cold, sterile, and generally uninviting? Worse, yet. Have you heard of or visited the business that just refuses to take care of the bathrooms or the lobby at all? Yuck!

One of the things your customers need in order to make the decision to return is the promise of a clean and inviting environment. Without such, you can almost rest assured they will never be back, if they even stay for the culmination of the first visit. Here are a few ways you can make even the most unpleasant visits bearable and maybe even comforting.

Decorate For The Season

Once again, Autumn has fallen upon us. Families everywhere are bringing out the earth colors and the oranges. Pumpkins and hay decorate the porches of many homes and schools. The smell of pumpkin spice and turkey are beginning to fill the air.

If there’s anything that customers would love to see and feel in any business they frequent, it is to walk into an establishment and feel like they are at home. Use this to keep things inviting. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right are the corner.

Take the time to add a few extra blankets to your waiting room or set up a Christmas tree in a well seen corner of your store. Set out candy for the kids at Halloween. It just takes a few little homey touches here and there to make your prospective clients feel comfortable enough to make many return trips to come.

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Clean! Clean! Clean!

There is nothing worse than taking your child to a pediatrician’s office and finding bubblegum on the carpet or dust on the reading materials. Nor should you ever have to visit a food establishment of any kind and find the bathroom in less than tip-top shape. Take the time to make sure your business is clean.

It doesn’t have to be a top dollar establishment, in most cases, if it is kept clean. If you find you need the extra help, hire a janitor whose only job is to make sure your business stays spick and span and fresh every day for present and future customers. Many services (like this Souderton, PA office cleaning service) are able to provide businesses with professional janitors on a contract basis; you too can choose this service and not have to worry about keeping your workspace clean and appealing. Cleanliness goes a long way, especially when you consider your possible market to parents of small children.

Make It Kid Friendly

Understandably, this is impossible to do with some establishments. However, where appropriate, make sure your business is as kid friendly as possible. Close to 80% of the world’s population have children. It seems common sense to invest in them. Run a doctor’s office?

Have a varied assortment of toys that might interest a child who would rather play than contemplate the thought of booster shots. Have a mechanic’s shop? Place a toy tool shop in the lobby and watch out for your future mechanics. Running a restaurant?

Crayons and something to draw on are a great distraction, but make sure to incorporate food selections that even the most picky eaters will enjoy. Make your business kid friendly and watch your return customer rate skyrocket.

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The ultimate goal of any business is to make the bottom line grow indefinitely. Cater to your customers and they will make sure it happens.