Top 4 Lessons About Ad Tech Learned by the Experts

Over the years, o much has changed in digital marketing and advertising but every new technology that came up gave marketers something new to learn. There was ad fraud detection; and then ad blocking came up, and many other ad tech revelations that stirred new approaches among marketers. Here are the top 4 lessons that every Ad Tech expert agrees they learned.


Ads should be respectful of the user

Although many internet users accept that they wouldn’t mind a few noninvasive ads, nobody wants inconveniences. Pop-up ads should never get in the way of a users experience. It won’t just annoy them, it will cause them to close the page unless they want something important or are going to gain a prize or are chasing after some money. More respectful advertising approaches have come up. Some pop-up ads will ask politely whether a user is interested in a product/service rather than blocking content from a user unless they have opened an advertisement.


Go slow on automation

Just when we thought that everything is about to get more automated, we are surprised to learn that nowadays internet users are getting more comfortable interacting with real people than with robots. If any marketing campaign is to succeed there is need to consider using automation to a smaller extent and real people to the biggest. Or at least use automation behind human direction.

You can’t outweigh the performance of humans over that of automation. Although it’s task less to automate programmatic pipes, the problem with automation is that there is poor targeting and on the user’s side there can be irrelevant executions.

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Operate under rules

Even though there are independent parties like Media Ratings Council checking to ensure that ad operations are accurate, there is a need for an entirely different firm to re-check and prove that the advertiser’s claims are accurate.

This may not be a new firm in itself but a set of rules could be put in place for all advertisers to follow in order to meet a certain standard.

Without this, it is hard to ensure accountability and trust between consumers, sellers, and technology.


Data remains the main determinate of performance

When marketers know where their data is coming from, they are able to determine how to best place ads to the right people that most likely need the ads the most so that their ads do not go wasted through ad blockings. Users hate numerous unorganized ads, ads that are so noisy or distractive in other ways and ads that are commanding.

Ads are not always seen as a problem to every internet user. Targeted ads give a good user experience as they direct a user to what they are looking for. The problem is that marketers many times go crazy with ads, optimizing every tech ad into every user face mindless of the impact and performance.

Ad blocking has helped to put editorial and the users experience at the forefront than anything else.


Concluding the 4 Lessons from Experts about Ad Tech

In order to hold the standards of ad operations, marketers will need to become more transparent and upbeat with their targets. Nowadays a more indirect approach in advertising has emerged; it is the era of good content and SEO optimization.