Writers Unite: 5 Ways To Get Your Writing Noticed Online

The way in which the internet has affected business operations over the past twenty years has made digital knowledge a requirement for modern writers.  Success as a writer is no longer a simple matter of talent.  Success depends more on the way in which a writer markets their words, rather than the words alone.  

The positive influence of the internet is that writers have a wide opened pool of opportunities to make a living with their words.  Someone has to write everything we read online, and businesses are already certain of their need for quality writers and quality content.  

The challenge is to stand out among thousands of stay at home word nerds.  Writers now have to know how to effectively market their skills.  Take a moment to read through a quick summary highlighting a few ways to get noticed online as a freelance writer.  

Online news organizations need competent writers

There are hundreds of online news organizations who regularly search for fresh, new writers.  It is typically best to build a small working history of writing gigs before applying to any of the bigger-named news agencies, but online news is a great place to get the ball rolling on a writing career.  

Small news sites often publish guest posts from new writers, and their formatting standards are not as strict.  Try getting a proverbial foot in that door first.   Just as it takes time to reach the peak of any other career, for most people, becoming an accomplished writer does not happen overnight.  

Blogging with effective SEO skills

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Writing to be seen on the internet has nothing to do with poetic words and a great command of the written language.  The internet is driven by complex algorithms that pinpoint specific terms and images which are responsible for the search results viewed by millions of users each day through big named search engines.  

Demystification of digital media is an imperative concept to grasp, and search engine optimization is the ability to manipulate the system.  There is substance to the content of a good blog these days, but the power of algorithm manipulation is strong.  

Social media presence is essential

The popularity of social media is astronomical.  People live their lives on social media.  They have new children and share special moments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is almost no opportunity to really get something going online as a writer without having some sort of social media profile.  So, like Nike said, just do it!

Write, write, write

The sheer amount of content a writer has published online does matter.  The more content a person produces, the easier it is to find them.  Being seen is the most challenging hurdle to clear in the digital world of writing.