X-Raying the Creative Media Production Process

With the now ubiquitous availability of technology that was previously the preserve of creative ventures backed by big money funding capital, creative and talented individuals now have a direct route to market to get their creative works out there. Okay, so not all of the ones who go on to get their work out into the public are indeed talented or creative, but they’re certainly to be commended for their hustling spirit or for their entrepreneurial inclination. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…I mean there are some musical artists whose names don’t even stick in my mind, which says a lot about the quality of the music they create and release, as subjective as something like music is.

That said, software that emulates an entire recording studio environment such as Reason bridges the gap between the creative work of a talent (I use the word “talent” loosely, of course) and the distribution channels they would otherwise have had to rely on something like a record company to organize for them. In some instances real talent is unearthed in this way, with some of most famous stories featuring the likes of how Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube.

An actor or a comedian doesn’t need an agent to get paying gigs anymore, perhaps using the same platform (YouTube) to get their work out there and even get paid for it, in the same way that someone like a talented video producer or animator can get their work out into the market directly.

Either way, professional-grade tech that has become more ubiquitously available has definitely altered the creative media production space, for better or for worse, but at the end of the day the really good stuff rises to the top and moves beyond the realms of pop culture into the classics zone. Quality is what has staying-power, which is why it’s hard for discerning music lovers to come to terms with some of the artists who are winning the prestigious awards which were once associated with some greats of the music industry – this as just one example of course.

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When we run the creative media process through an X-ray however, something quite interesting comes to light, which is the fact that there are very fine lines separating professional-grade quality from the latest “here’s-my-version” iteration of whatever creative production medium is going viral or influencing pop culture. The best of the best of such creative media productions are driven by professionalism maintained at all levels, such as how a musician making a music video to be released on YouTube would utilize the professional services of an online platform to create the save the date postcards which are to be featured in the music video, assuming it would be a song featuring a story about love and happiness, for instance. This would be the case even if the actual collection of professionally created postcards is to be featured on camera for mere seconds.

It could be quite hard to find a production servicing company which caters to all your needs whether it is with regards to logistics, content development, post-production or even hiring directors and crews. Luckily, portals such as Sugar Free TV could help with all your media-related queries. Although the firm is headquartered in Manchester, it serves clients in and around Liverpool, Yorkshire, the North East, and Scotland. You never know when you’ll be in need of a helping hand, so might as well keep this in your list of firms to look out for.